What is World Bible School?

World Bible School (WBS) is a “distance learning” school. WBS courses are available by printed booklets that are exchanged by postal mail; text-based lessons that are exchanged by email; and online, Web-based lessons. 


How do I get started?

Grace Wagner is the WBS coordinator here at our church. She can help you get started on your WBS study course. 


What is a WBS “study helper”?

A WBS study helper is a Christian friend who is available to help you understand the Bible as you take the WBS courses. WBS study helpers are everyday people like you and me who volunteer their time to help others. Your study helper will exchange lessons with you, review your lesson answers and give you feedback, help you find Scriptures to answer your personal questions, and be available as a prayer partner.


What are the WBS Courses?

WBS offers a core set of lesson booklets and online lessons known as the Master Series. The Bible-based lessons teach the fundamentals of God, His grace and love, Jesus, the Gospel message, the church, and Christian living. WBS courses are designed to increase your knowledge and faith in God by seeing for yourself what the Bible says.

Learning from the Bible should be enjoyable, not a burden. There are no time limits and no schedules, so feel free to take the courses as you have time. Every week, thousands of people use the World Bible School website to learn from God's word. These people come from nearly every country on earth. The Bible was written for every person in every culture.


For more information

Please contact Grace Wagner at office@kccofc.org.

World Bible School